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GlitterStories Mission

GlitterStories embraces and honors the unselfish and often unknown acts of those who came before. By highlighting notable people in all walks of life, GlitterStories illustrates the correlation of traits and celebrates the inspiration passed through posterity — getting stronger with each generation. Every person has a compelling life story with a purpose. Everyone also has forebears that put him financially, spiritually and geographically where he is today. The trials and rewards along with the weaknesses and bondage experienced by ancestors can encourage, empower or warn one of his ultimate potential or demise. GlitterStories challenges readers to seek out their unique birthright and magnify the strengthening of their families while fortifying their communities. Get excited to discover your Glitter Be inspired to see your Glitter’s purpose Be prepared to shine brightly when the light ultimately hits your personal particle. Shine brightly, Laura Best-Smith

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